SCIENTIFIC HOAX - breathing CO2 - 2nd generation

"Every night I wake up not being able to breath. I have this dream since two years. It all started when I was in hospital in coma for four month and has continued ever since: Two men in white lab coats, this weird machine, the mask and then me - planting for air. It all repaets.

However, I recently discovered that sleeping in an ocean of candles helps me breath and sleep better. I am not only attracted to firer though. I also enjoy sniffling exhaust pipe and any other kind of CO2 source." (Sibeira High; Arbon Diox)




1th generation

Alien father and son come to earth. Earth is covered with coasted machines and dead people's bodies. "What kind of plant are they?" the son asks his father. His father does not know the answer, but starts to investigate the bodies. He discovers that CO2 evaporates from them and says to his son: "Look at the variety of impressive machines they created - all for the purpose of generating CO2. But now they stopped running and the air is starting to get polluted by O2.""Are they going to die?" the son asks filled with fear to which the father replies: "Possibly." "Dad, we have to save them!"

While the alien father builds huge machines to generate carbon dioxide for us, the son goes to Venus to get sulphuric acid. Inside the machines the sulphuric acid reacts together with calcium carbonate. The carbon dioxide generated in this process gets released into the atmosphere.