Reinterpretation of Little Red Riding Hood - two-day project for my application
to Design Interactions at the RCA

Once there was a Little Red Riding Hood living with her grandma next to a river in the forest. Red Riding Hood is friends with the wolf, who lives in the woods with his father. Before leaving to see Red Riding Hood, the wolf gets warned by his father to beware
of incredible pretty girls.

While Little Red Riding Hood is having a shower, her grandma secretly takes the grand-daughter’s red cap and puts it on. She lays herself into bed and waits for the wolf to arrive.

„What smooth skin you have!“ he greets her, to which the grandma replies “I always use body lotion.“

Following the wolf asks „And why is your hair so full and black?“ The grandma answers: „Because I am young and the better to seduce you with.” In that moment the cap turns grey and the wolf knows that he has been fooled.

Little Red Riding Hood who comes out of the shower sees the grandma with the cap laying in her bed and realises immediately what had happened. She pretends to want to kiss the grandma, but blows air into the woman instead. When the grandmother is filled with air and round in shape, Little Red Riding Hood pushes her out of the window into the river. The river opens out into the ocean where the woman floats around lonely until the end of her days.






In an age of buyable beauty and reduced fertility it becomes difficult to find an authentic potential partner. PFM enables singles to prove reproductiveness – a woman wears a red cap and a man a piece of wolfs coat.


A woman can prove her fecundity with this red cap. When she looses her reproductiveness the hat looses its red colour. It turns grey instead. The ripe woman might want to take the cap off at this state or keep it on to show her maturity. An additional piece that comes with the hat needs to be inserted daily into the uterus for three months. It analyses temperature and detects if ovulation occurs. The signal is automatically transferred to the cap via Bluetooth and this determines its colour.




A man can demonstrate his usefulness with this thick wolfs coat on his hand. When it thins out and turns grey it represents the end of the man’s fertility. To configure the coat’s appearance, the sperm is counted by testing sheets, which are provided.