GREEN SHELTER - Green roofs on Londons bus stops for the Olympic Games in 2012

The idea for this project came when a friend and I stayed in London at CSM for one term. Riding in the double-decker buses to college every day, we wondered about the empty and unsightly roofs of the bus stops. We wanted to make use of this space, that so many travellers in London see every day.

We decided to vegetate the 17000 roofs for the olympic games that will be held in London in 2012 and that are intended to become the first ‘sustainable‘ games. The green roofs will not only reduce the carbon dioxid amount in the air, but will also animate passengers who will see many green areas on the way to the games. Moreover, after the games, people will see the seasonal change of vegetation on their way to work.

The area gained is 10,71 ha, which is half the size of the favourite park of the Londoners: St. James Park.