COGNITION DEVICE - bloodsuckers in a vessel serve as a natural weather station

Weather forecasting leeches were part of the “natural” exhibition that took place in Hamburg‘s tropical greenhouse. The animals were kept in erlenmeyer flasks on which weather signs were sand blasted.

When the leeches cling to the upper part of the vessel foul weather is to be expected. If the leeches lay coiled up on the bottom of the flask the observer can look forward to good weather. Leeches swimming excitedly indicate that a strong breeze will arise.

I revived herewith a practise for weather forcasting that has been used successfully for centuries, but then fell into oblivion.

The natural weather station is to train our perception. It motivates us to pay attention again to natural signs and to interpret them correctly. Attentively observing nature can be an indicator for occuring changes. Moreover, it can be used as an early warning system for disasters such as fires or tsunamis.