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MOOD SUPPORT - functional jewellery set - graduation project - Diplomarbeit

Feelings such as fear, anger or shame affect our actions - cause us to act improvidently or to oppress our will and to refrain us from doing certain things at all. Hereby we restrict ourselves in our freedom.

The jewelly set MOOD SUPPORT assists the wearer in freeing himself from these necessities, calming the owner in an awkward situation. A bracelet monitors the wearer's heartbeat. Detecting high levels, it communicates with the other jewellery pieces via bluetooth, which hereupon start to react:





Pulse bracelet with fondling element
A fondling element can optionally be attached to the pulse bracelet. Powered by a servodrive, an electronic component with a turning element, a fan brush starts to stroke the arm of its owner.






Knocking necklace
A necklace knocks with the help of integrated lifting magnets onto three pressure points on the upper breast area.






Warming shield
Another jewellery piece is a pair of braces, that has a back part made from several stabel elements that are however flexibly bonded. The heat generating finish warms the owner's back and protects it like a shield.






Pressure sleeve
Optionally the wearer could blow into a pressure sleeve, thus experiencing a pressure around his arm that reminds him of a touch.







Odour brooch
A series of brooches that are knoted from flexible tubes contain a calming fragrant, which can be released by squeezing the whole object or the atomizer.