Ireality office is about treating reality as being unreal. The space is designed in a way that makes this possible. People are in a physical, but render-like environment where materials, space, and interaction have unusual behaviour.

The project doesn’t want to ask the question what is reality, but rather open up the participants to new realities that can enrich out lives. We tend to have a clear definition of what is true and what is not. We trust science and take knowledge as facts, although we know it changes over time. There is an opportunity to open our selfs up to new possibilities.

During their stay guests are confronted with alternative versions or layers of reality, such as rendering or wireframe states, reality, or hyper realities. While we are accustom to strict lines between physical and virtual, this home office environment becomes the setting for a blurring of the lines, while new borders evolve. Alternatives emerge, physics get disassociated or overcome and the progress of time questioned. Exploring these phenomena encourages people to mistrust what we commonly consider certain, as well as human ‘knowledge’ and ’truth’ in general. Reality can become experienced in a more creative way.