The Alternative Alternativists are a group using exsiting mental conditions as inspiration for different ways of thinking that can lead to alternatives for common ways of living.

Inspired by Found Alternative Realities (see project)



This method has the group living in Different Minded Worlds (DMWs). These are new experimental societies that are based on alternative ways of thinking; communities of testing, enquiring and experimenting. The Alternative Alternativist's motivation becomes apparent in their manifesto. In the guidelines you can find instructions on how to create a DMW yourself (see below). The term DMWs however does not only refer to a physical location, but also to a mental space.



The Rethinketry is a building that is divided into several areas where anyone can experience alternative ways of thinking. People are being trained to adopt new mindsets by living everyday life in new ways - thus gaining new awareness and learning to question our common way of thinking and resulting way of living. Guests can test for themselves if it’s something they want to include back in their own lives, or if they would like to take it further and join communities of Different Minded Worlds where they explore these ways of living within larger societies.



A series of films on the following pages, show different areas of the Rethinketry: an extremly ordered one (Order For Breakfast), one in which the self becomes redefined (Doppelgaenger) and two others will follow sooon.


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